This CannaClear Membership – Beta:

  • Must be purchased via the CannaClear entity and website
  • Entitles the purchaser to a 12 month membership in CannaClear beginning during the Beta trial
  • Allows the purchaser to have the full rights of membership, including access to databases, research tools and other services as added and or expanded by the Company
  • May not be assigned to another user or company
  • Services are offered in accordance with the CannaClear Terms and Conditions posted on the website at


Product certificates:

  •  CannaClear Membership Beta subscribers can upload product and other certifications for half price (25 euros) until the expiry of their membership.
  • Will be posted for no more than three calendar years.
  • Is offered via the terms of the operating CannaClear Terms and Conditions Agreement and subject to the operating terms of engagement and interaction.


The CannaClear Beta Program (for both product and membership certs)

Description: The CannaClear Beta program can be defined as the rolling-to-market testing period of “go-live” to full functionality.  This period has been set by CannaClear as the period of February – July 31, 2020.

Disclaimers: The current Beta website at is still in development and is not yet a “stable” version. As a result, CannaClear does not take responsibility for any downtime, and does not commit to a normal SLA (99.95% uptime) during the testing/Beta period. The Beta version may also have “downtimes” in service. Bugs, in code, or processing, may also be present or appear.

CannaClear Membership – Beta


CannaClear Beta 1 Year Membership