We have created a few use-cases for why and where you will find CannaClear useful. We will provide further ecosystem use-cases as the site evolves.

  1. You are a new to this ecosystem 
    For example, you are a new distributor in this industry and you need to know how many certificates are required to be a „licensed distributor“, as opposed to simply having a single business license. Or you need a place to post your new certificates in one place so other members of the supply chain can find you.
  2. You are looking to expand your business in a new region
    i. You also might be a cultivator (let’s say Portugal or Canada) who wants to target the German market. You need to find buyers of your product, and set up a whole new supply, including testing labs. CannaClear is the place to come for that information and those contacts.
    ii. You are a Columbian, Swiss or Danish CBD product company and need to know how to certify your product for the European market in a way that passes muster with regulators. What do you file? And even more importantly, where?
    iii. You are an American hemp producer or have a GMP registered product. How and where do you find outlets in Europe?
  3. You are dealing with European (or foreign) ecosystem agencies and processes for the first time. Where (and via what procedure and agency) do you file HACCP in Europe, for example? What other ISO certifications are relevant to your business? And what exactly is the deal with GMP+?
  4. You need a single place to post and distribute proof of your own certifications and find these as well as those of your ecosystem. What if you a new distributor, getting certifications fast between state and federal agencies? What happens if you are trying to understand the risk profile of the industry? Or a group of companies in it?
  5. You are working in more than one domestic market. Anywhere. A wholesaler with a footprint across Europe, or between the EU and North America is constantly in this hot seat – but so are many others. Sales staff are constantly in the middle of this discussion. So are investors. If you cover this industry as a journalist, where do you go to find out if companies you cover are actually legit?
  6. You work in the international, legal, certified cannabis industry. The problems CannaClear was built to solve are widespread, not limited to any country or region and affect everyone in the legitimate and legitimizing industry. From cultivation and processing, to auditing and certifying, CannaClear offers services you need.