There are several ways you can use CannaClear now – and we will continue to add functionality and information to our knowledge base as we grow.

  1. Post your certifications in one place. Tired of sending your certifications to the world by email? Want a more targeted place to post them than your website? Now you have one focused place to post them, in an online community who wants to see them. No more waiting for global databases to post your documents.
  2. Create a certified supply chain. With all the changes in the market, it is important to know that your vendors and suppliers are completely compliant. Invite your closest strategic partners to post their certs and become members too! No more looking in multiple places to check the legitimacy of your cannabis supply chain.
  3. Find important strategic partners as you gain licenses. Producers need distributors, and everyone needs pharmacies. Search our database of members to find licensed partners every step of the way. With CannaClear it is as easy as logging in and checking our membership directory.
  4. Gap analysis and research. Dealing with anything in the EU? Unfamiliar with regional regulations? Need to certify products and don’t know where to go? CannaClear’s knowledge base brings clarity to remove the hassle and headaches.
  5. Need to certify your product but are unsure how – whether it is pharma, food, cosmetic or industrial cannabis, there is a certification process for you.
  6. Understand how international trade and certifications stack up as harmonization efforts proceed globally.

More functionality to come as we expand the site!