Generally, the products (i.e. certificate uploads) are self explanatory, but we have provided this guide to help you select which upload is most appropriate.

Products are listed below alphabetically. However, if you are looking for certifications by ecosystem role or region, select the filter drop down menu.

Some certification categories can also differ by region. For example, in Europe, an HACCP certificate is called by its country code and department designation under EU Bio.

Product Descriptions

Audit Upload. This is a generic category and product description. Use it for uploading your latest audits.

Cosmos Certification is used on an international basis to qualify the purity of cosmetics. It is cross-listed in the CannaClear system under organic certifications.

Distribution Licenses. There are several licenses we have put together for the purposes of helping with gap analysis and to help guide you as you decide what to upload. These license upload icons are generic (i.e. use them in Germany, Spain, Canada, etc. as appropriate) and cross listed under the CannaClear menu system under several different ecosystem groups (i.e importers, exporters, wholesale).  These certification descriptions for upload include:

  • State License – Distributor
  • Federal Import License
  • Federal Export License
  • Federal Wholesale License
  • Federal Narcotics License

EU GMP. This is a specific certification. If you have EUDRA certification, upload this under this product designation. If you have national certification only, use the GMP upload.

Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP. This is a national designation issued by federal authorities in every country. Upload the one you have for the country (or countries) you operate in.

GMP+. This is a specialized license that combines organic production with HACCP certification. Depending on jurisdiction, this could be either EU Bio or GMP+. Check with your local issuing authorities and your certification name.

HACCP. This is required in many different jurisdictions – but in Europe it can be tricky to understand where to get this filed. Outside of Europe use the HACCP certificate here. In Europe, all of these certificates are issued via EU Bio certification via nationally designated agencies. Use CannaClear tools to find the right ones.

IFS Certifications. The IFS food standard initially provided the food industry with a clear retailing standard. It now consists of a whole series of standards that can be applied to all sectors of the food retailing industry. The standard is focused on suppliers on all levels involved in any food processing following agricultural production. The requirements are closely related to quality systems (DIN EN ISO 9001 / 22000) and to the HACCP concept and include elements of detailed specifications required in such programs as GMP (Good Management Practice), GLP (Good Labour Practice) and GHP (Good Hygienic Practice).

ISO Certification – ISO certification is a multi-numbered certification that stretches far beyond lab certification even in the cannabis industry. For the MVP, we have provided three different specific ISO certs, but if you have an ISO certification outside of 9001, 17025 or 22000, upload it with the generic CannaClear ISO “product” option.

Medical Transport License. This varies according to jurisdiction. For now use this generic upload for any special transport license you have for the transport of cannabis and or pharmaceuticals.

Novel Food certifications are self explanatory. This is an EU only certificate.

Organic Certifications are either national or regional depending on certification. For example, if you are in Canada and obtain organic cert, you should upload that under the Canadian Organic Certification certification upload rather than a generic “Organic” upload. This is for countries or regions who do not have a recognized international certification process (or we have not found it yet). Organic certifications that we have listed for the MVP include:

  • Canadian Organic Certification
  • EU Bio (Europe only and filed per country)
  • Global GAP
  • National Organic Certification (outside of Canada, US, EU)
  • USDA Integrity Certification. This is maintained by the USDA but is an international certification process and registration for organic farming that is also recognized internationally including in Latin America.
  • USDA Organic. US only

Product Registrations.  Use these for either national or international (i.e. EU) registrations where appropriate. Initial certifications for use in any country or region as appropriate include

  • National Product Registration
  • International Product Registration

Pharmacy and Dispensary Licenses.  These will differ by region and country. Use where appropriate (i.e. there are no dispensaries in Europe and cannabis is not dispensed by pharmacy in the United States). Our certificates include, delimited by region as appropriate:

  • Pharmacy Licenses (Europe, Australia, South Africa, Israel and other medical markets plus Canada as appropriate)
  • Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (all, with special demarcations for legal trial sites in Switzerland beyond pharmacies)
  • Recreational Dispensaries (i.e. U.S., Canada and European locations as appropriate including legally licensed Luxembourgian outlets, Dutch coffee shops or Danish outlets)

Generic – Use these certificate uploads when you do not find the certificate you have for any reason but only as a last resort. We may question the upload.

Good Agricultural Practice – GACP. Most of these certificates should be found under the bio or organic sections of national uploads, but where this fails, use this generic label and we will review.

Good Clinical Practice – GCP. Use when other certificate uploads are inappropriate, but also refer to ISO certification.

Good Distribution Practice -GDP. Use when other certificate uploads are inappropriate but also refer to national regulation on what kinds of licenses are required (for example a German distributor requires three).

Good Laboratory Practice – GLP. Most of this is covered under ISO certification, but if you are really stuck, try this one.

Good Packaging Practice – GPP. Some of this is covered under GMP in Europe. If outside of Europe and stumped, upload your cert this way and we will review.